Meet The Host

I was in the New York City restaurant business for most of my adult life until I met and fell in love with a software engineer. We moved in together, got a couple of dogs and lived on Manhattan's Upper East Side until she got a job in Palo Alto. So, we packed up everything we owned and drove across country to Mountain View where we bought a Prius and started trail running.
Because, that's what you do when you move to Cali!

I had begun making the transition from foodservice to tech startups (better hours) in New York when a very smart person told me to attend every networking event that had to do with restaurants and technology. I couldn't find any so I had to make my own.

I started The NYC Restaurant Tech Group to bridge the gap between the restauranteur and tech startup. I wanted to bring people from both sides together so they can share their thoughts about what the future held for the food service industry, what needs would arise and how the tech community was endeavoring to fulfill those needs. The interest and support was phenomenal. So much so that the logical thing to do when I moved to Silicon Valley was to start The SF Restaurant Tech Group. The education I received from the innovative minds of the thousands of members of the groups on both coasts has been invaluable.

For the better part of the last three decades I have been a nocturnal creature who worked on my feet and found food wherever I could. I had insidiously achieved a very unhealthy diet. With my new lifestyle came an opportunity to start to really think about what I was eating. I watched all the food documentaries and read (and continue to read) all the books about what to eat and I changed my diet. The result has been phenomenal. I am in the best shape of my life!

All that research had another effect. By default I had learned about the business of food and how a handful of giant companies have made billions of dollars with complete indifference to the effects of their industry on the consumer or the environment. It's nothing new. Literally from the dawn of civilization, empires have risen as a result of exploiting the land with agriculture and have fallen because of the lack of sustainability. I'm not gonna lie. It depressed the hell out of me.
I thought, “Who is going to get us out of this...crisis?”

TheFood.Center is a result of my quest to find the visionaries who see these times as a great opportunity to change the way we grow, process, sell and consume our food.

I have embraced my ignorance and my appetite for knowledge is insatiable.
This is an adventure of a lifetime.
Join me, won't you?