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Why do we need The Food Center Forum?

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard Recently I interviewed Mike Seldon, CEO of Finless Foods for my podcast. Finless Foods is a cellular agriculture company that is enrolled in the Indie Bio Startup Accelerator in San Francisco. We

Startup Grunge

Startup Grunge AUG 24, 2017by KEVIN GALLIGANin GENERAL If you wanted to start a rock band in the late 80s you bought a cheap guitar, put on some ripped jeans, wrapped a flannel around your waist and started banging away in your garage. Then you grabbed a

Episode 007: Eli Zigas

Eli and I sit down and discuss SPUR’s work on urban agriculture, the Good Food Purchasing Program and what the food movement needs to keep on keeping on.