People are starting to accept the inconvenient truth that the burning of fossil fuel creates climate change that is damaging our planet.

The quest to produce sustainable energy from renewable sources is well underway and
gathering momentum.

What we eat and how we produce our food has come under the same scrutiny. Now more than ever, people are becoming aware of the issues that surround the business of food. A handful of large companies, who will put the health of their business before all else, produce the majority of the food sold to Americans. The search for alternative ways to produce wholesome food from sustainable sources for an ever growing population is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

In the light of this challenge has arisen a group of people who will use their genius in collaboration and in competition to find a better way. Tenacious entrepreneurs, educators and activists who endeavor to change the status quo and save the world.
This is where the visionaries in search of the food solution share their stories.

This is The Food Center